• image1 Sandra & Michael - citizens of this world with migration background. We claim spiritual love as a human right.
  • image2 We create new romantic electro pop and rock and sing about love and life in all its colours.
  • image3 We love peaceful minds, mother nature, animals, creating things and travelling.








The Warsaw airport - a young woman who is nervously lighting a cigarette because her friend is late, a man in the waiting queue who turns away from his wife, faces in the crowd telling stories. Such experiences inspire Love The Love to their songs. The pop duo from Stuttgart can not be committed to a style other than its own: The unconditional pulse of its songs drives them through their very own musical cosmos and lets us float into ravishing melancholy.
Sandra Marija and Michael Pfeiffer name their vibrant and versatile sound New Romantic Pop. The arrangements diversify from very spartan, only classical guitar and vocals as "Just Sit Calm And Dream", to opulent and lavishly elaborated like "All Is Here.".

Kaleidosonique - twelve songs - a reflection of the various colours between life and love.


Geige: Ingrid Herpich
Keys: Roman Voronenko
Schlagzeug: Heinrich Herpich

Bass: Markus Rottacker