• image1 Sandra & Michael - citizens of this world with migration background. We claim spiritual love as a human right.
  • image2 We create new romantic electro pop and rock and sing about love and life in all its colours.
  • image3 We love peaceful minds, mother nature, animals, creating things and travelling.









Re-Release Kaleidosonique
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LTL ReRelease



Hi guys,

This is one of the most amazing journeys we have ever been on and that without travelling at all!!! :-). So many brilliant and talented people who participated in our video due to the lockdown. People from Australia, Germany, UK, United States, Japan, Turkey, Ireland, NZ, Cyprus, Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg. That’s just crazy and we are happy of what is possible in these days. Your passion, your dedication out there, incredible!! To all who participated: Thank you so much!! You are wonderful! So, enjoy now our new video mash up for our song HEAVY. We’re sending all our love to you and yours.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay connected!

Sandra & Michael

Love The Love


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