• image1 All is here! So join this flight to the marrow of your heart, to the beat of your style.
  • image2 Out there in the universe the after rain kisses my skin. The after rain whispers to me. I´m flying to your tenderness.
  • image3 I feel the wind. It calls your name. You breathe me in and I breathe you out. I taste your skin, your salty skin. You fill me in. Forever sinking.

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Stuttgarter Zeitung - This World

 a wonderful résumé of our brand new video "This World":



This World - out now!

A-R-E Y-O-U- R-E-A-D-Y?

Our brand new video/ song "This World" is finished. Enjoy it here.


Stay tuned!

2014 - thank you

Dear all

We had a great year. We want to thank you for all your great support, wonderful concerts, encounters, conversations. 

Enjoy now some relaxing days with your beloved ones. We will do so, too. :-)




Sandra & Michael

This World - teaser

Happy New Year!

We wish you a great 2015 full with wonderful surprises, love, good friendships, health and happiness. 

"This World" - A brand new video/ song is to be released on 05 January, 2015. A song about the power that lays inside you and about the beauty of this world......by Love The Love.

Have a look at: Love The Love oder youtube


Stay tuned!


Merry Christmas 2013


Dear fans
thank you so much for this wonderful year that had many, many highlights for us. Sold out shows, top rankings on charts, video release of our song Eternity and absolutely awesome fans - you! Furthermore we just received this very nice article in the "s' Blättle" again. Thank you, Nic! Enjoy reading it and - Merry Christmas and seasonal greetings to all our gorgeous fans outside! 
We are having a break now to enjoy our first Christmas with our sweet daughter - exciting! Gifts are packed, ha, ha....
Cu back in 2014, have a good start!
luv, health and blessings from above to you