• image1 All is here! So join this flight to the marrow of your heart, to the beat of your style.
  • image2 Out there in the universe the after rain kisses my skin. The after rain whispers to me. I´m flying to your tenderness.
  • image3 I feel the wind. It calls your name. You breathe me in and I breathe you out. I taste your skin, your salty skin. You fill me in. Forever sinking.

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unfortunately our gig in Wuppertal is cancelled due to illness. We wish all the best and quick recovery.

Eternity - Video

Love The Love releases on 03. October, 2013 their brandnew video "Eternity". The song was released on their album "Kaleidosonique" in 2012.

Enjoy the video here on their website or on their youtube-chanel

Voting Charts - tomorrow

You can listen to the voting charts tomorrow night as of 08:00 pm. We made it again to the top 10 - thank you for every single vote. You are gorgeous!

You can support us in September again. Vote for our song "Forever Sinking" on Happy Fan Radio > Voting Charts

many, many thanks to all of you


Album of the week

Fantastic news!

We are the album of the week on Happy Fan Radio. Today @04:00 pm is the radio airplay. Tune in and


Happy Fan Radio

Dear fans

We are back and preparing our autumn tour which we are looking forward to. 

Did you know that we are in the TOP 10 of Happy Fan Radio's Voting Charts? We entered in June on n. 6 and defended it in July. Now we are moving towards the top. 

You can support us. Vote for our song "Forever Sinking" on Happy Fan Radio > Voting Charts.

We appreciate your support and say: "thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much."