• image1 All is here! So join this flight to the marrow of your heart, to the beat of your style.
  • image2 Out there in the universe the after rain kisses my skin. The after rain whispers to me. I´m flying to your tenderness.
  • image3 I feel the wind. It calls your name. You breathe me in and I breathe you out. I taste your skin, your salty skin. You fill me in. Forever sinking.








Dear fans

on 20 march 2016 our son Tayo was unfortunately stillborn.

We were not completely unprepared. From an early stage of pregnancy on we knew about his state of health. But, despite all the negative forecasts we decided to keep him and to give him all the time he needs.

We are very happy that we could be with him and he will live forever in our hearts.


Sandra and Michael