• image1 All is here! So join this flight to the marrow of your heart, to the beat of your style.
  • image2 Out there in the universe the after rain kisses my skin. The after rain whispers to me. I´m flying to your tenderness.
  • image3 I feel the wind. It calls your name. You breathe me in and I breathe you out. I taste your skin, your salty skin. You fill me in. Forever sinking.








Happy New Year!

We wish you a great 2015 full with wonderful surprises, love, good friendships, health and happiness. 

"This World" - A brand new video/ song is to be released on 05 January, 2015. A song about the power that lays inside you and about the beauty of this world......by Love The Love.

Have a look at: Love The Love oder youtube


Stay tuned!